U . S   P R E Q U E L   / /     &   G I R L P O W E R

A BOLD JEWELLERY PREQUEL TO U.S (united soulmates)

U.S prequel is a bold jewellery prequel to U.S (united soulmates), wearable art-objects.
U.S prequel is a powerfull, extravagant statement about soulmates and how they can come in many forms in your life.
Friends, lovers, family and most of all yourself.
Soulmates are always intertwined, hence the knotted necklaces and crossbody's.

U.S prequel is accompanied by Girlpower.
These tigers represent female power in the form of bold feline jewellery.

Wear the jewellery, make a statement. Be your own soulmate. 

Photography: Ginger Bloemen // GN.GR
Model: Julia Klein
MUAH: Dominique Cordaro
Lasercutting: Laserworks by STITCH

Featuring: Bas Kosters Amnesty hat X Pinkpop 2019.