A Japanese story goes:

-“Once upon a time there was woman who was mad with rage over her husband leaving her for another. She prayed many nights to the gods enshrined to turn her into a living demon.
So she could take revenge on her husband and his new lover.
After 7 nights of pilgrimage, her prayers were answered and she was turned into a Hashihime.
When she sought out her husband and his new wife she was tricked and stopped by the magic of a man coming to her husband’s aid.

While she vanished she swore to take her revenge on them when the time came”-

This story can be viewed in various ways, in one the woman in demonized. A jealous creature seeking revenge, even at the cost of her own life.
Viewing the story from another perspective, the woman was persevering, she was true to her cause and empowered herself by being dedicated to her beliefs.

Bitch. Female. Male. Snake. Demon.

These words can be viewed in various ways.

The way we view them is often defined by our cultural framework, our background and heritage.

Symbols that are regarded in one culture as evil, are considered empowering in another.

Culture can shape words and symbols and therefore shape our definitions of these words.


In the series: The One and ONI, we invite you to play with these symbols and words.

Not diminishing them in their cultural value, but re-experiencing them.


Beautiful demons. A matter of perspective.


Wear It. Own It

Photography: Ginger Bloemen // GN.GR
Model: Julia Klein 
MUAH: Dominique Cordaro

Design: Studio Heey

Dressmaker: Annette Rozeboom
Laserworks : STITCH Laserworks

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