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C A T H E R I N A   V I G R I   / /   
P a t r o n   S a i n t   o f   A r t


We all wear name//necklaces, our names hold meaning.
They hold a certain power and carry a lot of weight.

So how come we forget some very important names?


Catherina Vigri was a nun from Bologna, she was a teacher, an artist and she passed her crafts on to many others.
After she died, she was declared a Saint because of her devotion and her artistry.
By creating this porcelain necklace in a collaboration with Vormstof, I hope we never forget this important name and remember to share art, for it brings joy and connects us.

Declare yourself a Patron Saint of Art, wear it proud & remember.

Photography: Ginger Bloemen // GN.GR
Models: Amber Delahaye
MUAH: Dominique Cordaro
Necklace Collaboration: VORMSTOF

Featuring: Handmade crochet mask by | HOUSE OF DAAN